Terms and Conditions



– 180 pesos Cost in any shipment to any point of the Mexican Republic, with a maximum of 25 booklets (5 kg). IMPORTANT: In the case of requiring more than 25 booklets, a second shipping cost of 180 pesos (from 1 to 25 extra booklets) will be charged and so on.
– All purchase orders will be processed on business days.
– Estimated delivery time: 3 to 5 business days.
– Cancellations may only be made within the first 12 hours after the purchase has been made (applies only if printed materials has not been sent to their destination). To cancel the order, we ask you to contact us at self-awareness@humandevelopmentsolutions.com indicating the order number and cause of the cancellation. Cancellation and refund of the total purchase will be made, by the same means that the payment was.
– Note: does not apply returns and refunds on any type of printed material.


– For international shipments, please contact a sales representative by email: self-awareness@humandevelopmentsolutions.com
– Note: taxes apply according to each country and their delivery schedule may vary accordingly.


– After making your payment, you will receive an email in the next 12 hours with instructions to your online assessment.
– You will receive the report in the indicated email, approximately 12 hours after submitting the evaluation.
– Once the assessment link has been generated and sent, no refunds or cancellations can be made.
– The link has 45 days validity.
Note: we suggest hiring the online Feedback service (with a certified coach) to better understand the results of the reports (available in Spanish, English and Portuguese)


In case of cancellation by HDS 100% refund will be made.
– The payment of the certification is refundable with a 2% administrative charge 30 days before the certification.
– The payment of the certification is refundable with a 20% administrative charge if made less than 10 days before scheduled date.
– The participant may be replaced if necessary.
– All programs include IVA
Note: If you want to enroll in any of our programs in Latin America, send us an email to: self-awareness@humandevelopmentsolutions.com


– Once the service purchase is received, our customer service area will contact you within the next business day to schedule the appointment and close the contact channel.
– Once the Coaching or Feedback session is scheduled, it cannot be canceled less than 24 hours in advance.
Note: The means for the Virtual Coaching or Feedback session can be via telephone, Skype, Hangouts or Zoom.