Booklets and Guides in Spanish to help promote self-knowledge, integration and development.

Each booklet “Introduction to TYPE” includes an overview of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), a description of the theme of the booklet, and a clear explanation of how each personality type works in that area of application.

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Introduction to Conflict Management

It Improves effectiveness in conflict management. Understand the five modes of conflict management and get development suggestions.

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Introduction to the FIRO-B® Instrument

Incorporate the results of Firo-B into your work and personal life. Learn how to manage your own needs in interpersonal interactions.

USD $18.00USD $340.00 + IVA

Introduction to the FIRO-B® Instrument in Organizations

Apply the guide of interpersonal behaviors in the work context. Get resources to improve business effectiveness.

USD $18.00USD $340.00 + IVA

Introduction to Type®

Improve your understanding of MBTI personality types and integrate these concepts into your personal and professional life.

USD $18.00USD $340.00 + IVA

Introduction to Type® and Careers

Find related careers through interactive exercises and descriptions that explore MBTI personalities.

USD $18.00USD $340.00 + IVA

Introduction to Type® and Communication

Learn how to apply strategies to strengthen communication. Understand the communication styles of each of the 16 types.

USD $18.00USD $340.00 + IVA

Introduction to Type® and Conflict

This booklet helps you use the typology as a tool to manage and reduce conflicts.

USD $18.00USD $340.00 + IVA

Introduction to Type® and Teams

Explore the functions of the MBTI type in: communication, teamwork culture, leadership, change, conflict resolution, and stress.

USD $18.00USD $340.00 + IVA

Introduction to Type® in Organizations

Understand the preferences of the team or work area, how to handle conflicts and reduce stress.

USD $18.00USD $340.00 + IVA

Understanding Your MBTI Step II Results

Get deeper learning of your Type through the understanding of facets. Use it with the delivery of the results of the MBTI® Step II ™.

USD $18.00USD $340.00 + IVA