We offer you unique certification and specialization programs in Latin America.
These programs are for coaches, consultants and professionals in human resources and training.
Backed and endorsed internationally by The Myers-Briggs Company and SHL.
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Certification in Strong Interest Inventory® (online)

USD $1,320.00 + IVA

This Certification program is virtual and in English and will teach you how to use the Strong Interest Inventory® evaluation in an ethical and professional manner.

It is mainly about how to successfully manage and interpret reports for career search and professional development.

Once you have successfully completed the course, you can buy and use the STRONG® evaluation and its reports.

Firo-B® Certification

USD $1,300.00 USD $1,040.00 + IVA

Spanish program. Backed and endorsed internationally by The Myers-Briggs Company.

The Firo-B® (Fundamental Interpersonal Relationships Orientation – Behavior) helps us identify many of the “why” of interpersonal relationships.

Used in: Communication Workshops, Leadership Programs, as well as in Individual Coaching to improve one’s knowledge and resolve interpersonal conflicts as it helps to detect compatibility and tension areas.

This program will provide you with the information and experience you need to administer the Firo-B® instrument professionally and ethically and interpret the results.

The interactive training covers the design, qualification and interpretation of the instrument, as well as a clear focus on the applications: personal development, working with teams and leadership development.

Spanish program backed and endorsed by The Myers-Briggs Company.

MBTI Update Program® STEP II

USD $600.00 + IVA

Program is in Spanish, backed and endorsed internationally by The Myers-Briggs Company.

If you were certified before 2013, take this opportunity to update your knowledge in Myers-Briggs® Step II.

While Step I helps determine preferences, Step II aims to deepen the participants’ self-knowledge in the particularities of their psychological type, through the use and understanding of facets.

The result is a highly personalized profile and a development plan that is perfect for coaching, action planning and the creation of cohesive teams.

Use it in: Individual development, Team development, Leadership development and Organizational changes.


MBTI® Certification

USD $1,600.00 USD $1,280.00 + IVA

Program in Spanish, backed and endorsed internationally by The Myers-Briggs Company.

This certification will prepare you to interpret the MBTI® instrument; It includes the explanation of the MBTI® Step II ™, which offers deeper knowledge about an individual’s personality type and behavior with 20 additional facets.

The four-day program is interactive and offers dynamics and exercises where you will practice with the MBTI®, as well as an interpretation of results in different situations: teams, individuals and coaching.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is one of the most reliable tools today.

PAA Certification

USD $1,500.00 + IVA

The Personality and Ability Assessment Program Certification, is a program in Spanish backed and endorsed by SHL.

The Personality & Ability Assessment (PAA) Certification allows to obtain the basic knowledge and skills for the administration, qualification and feedback of the tests: OPQ32, MQ and SHL Verify.

The effective and objective use of talent assessments allows recruiters and teams of human capital to make data-based decisions and improve quality in the selection and development decision making process.

TKI® Specialization

USD $530.00 USD $424.00 + IVA

Program in Spanish, backed and endorsed internationally by The Myers-Briggs Company.

Participate in this unique specialization program in Mexico and LATAM, aimed at:
coaches, consultants and professionals in human resources and training.

The specialization program will allow you to:

  • Know how to properly apply and interpret the TKI® report.

  • Evaluate, work and improve behavior of individuals in the face of conflicts.

  • Detect at what moments personal strategies are working and at what specific moments it is necessary to work in other more appropriate styles.

  • Help people generate a constructive dialogue to improve teamwork and develop skills in conflict management

  • Know how to conduct a group workshop

The purchase of the TKI does not require certification so you can use it when you need it. However, this program can give you many resources for your clients and organizations.