We offer you the most reliable and avant-garde assessments in the market to know: capabilities, preferences, typologies, skills, emotional intelligence, motivations, interests and styles to be coached, among others.

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EQ Sight™ (spanish)

Understand how others perceive your emotional intelligence for your development and effectiveness.

USD $85.00 + IVA

Firo-B® IRO (English)

Understand your needs for control, inclusion and affection and how they can affect your interpersonal relationships in the work environment. Improve your satisfaction and productivity at work

USD $51.00 + IVA

Firo-B® profile (English)

Understand your needs for control, inclusion and affection and how they can affect your interpersonal relationships.

USD $45.00 + IVA

Global Personality Inventory (GPI) / (english)

Accurately assess your personality and your behaviour style. It includes leadership derailers.

USD $65.00 + IVA

Global Personality Inventory (IGP) / (spanish)

Know your personality characteristics, emotional intelligence, and your preferred style of leadership to be coached.

USD $65.00 + IVA

MBTI ® Stress management Report (English)

It helps to understand your personality type reactions to stress and presents the most optimal way to handle it.

USD $66.00 + IVA

MBTI® Career Report (English)

Know the activities and/or professions in which you could be more successful. Provide development suggestions around your typology and career.

USD $38.50 + IVA

MBTI® Communication Style Report (English)

Know your personality type focused on your communication style. Understand this style better and understand how you impact others and discover how to develop it.

USD $66.00 + IVA

MBTI® Conflict Style Report (English)

Use your typology in conflict management, through a timely and applicable conflict resolution model.

USD $66.00 + IVA

MBTI® Decision-Making Style Report (English)

Understand your typology regarding your style to make decisions to be more productive.

USD $66.00 + IVA